The Federal Election and Financial Markets

Published by Victor Lough on Aug 06, 2015

  This weekend really marked the halfway point, and unofficial start of the longest federal election in Canadian history, and while there are a number of issues, you might be curious as to the impact ... Continue reading

Active is besting passive, so now what?

Published by Victor Lough on Jul 20, 2015

Articles are starting to show up this year to advise investors that active management is beating passive management. More and more are coming to light as the year goes on. With the recent rush to invest... Continue reading


Published by Victor Lough on Jun 28, 2015

Full disclosure: I have no idea what will happen with Greece. I follow it to some extent like others in the industry, but to be honest its a little bit boring. Will they come to an agreement? Is Europe... Continue reading

The value of using a Financial Advisor

Published by Victor Lough on Jun 22, 2015

It's difficult to quantify the value of financial advice.  Historically, financial advisors have been paid commissions on the products they sell and many of these fees have been largely hidden.  In Canada... Continue reading

What are your options with your pension?

Published by Victor Lough on Jun 18, 2015

Once you get through the emotional toll that being laid off can take, you begin to look at things like your severance package and pension plan and focus specifically on what you should do with them.  You... Continue reading

Time for a European Adventure?

Published by Victor Lough on May 31, 2015

When I talk to people about investing in Europe these days I get some funny looks.  I guess the first thought isn't good news when you look at Greece, or perhaps to a lesser extent the Ukraine. Perhaps... Continue reading

Some of the differences between me and the bank

Published by Victor Lough on May 27, 2015

I run into this question all the time, and frankly even if people aren't asking it directly, I know this is in the back of their mind. So what's the difference working with an independent financial advisor... Continue reading

Are robo-advisors providing good value?

Published by Victor Lough on May 25, 2015

It's a well known point that when you read an article with a rhetorical question at the top that the answer will almost always be "no". I'm writing this as obujectively as possible though and will leave... Continue reading

Need Life Insurance, but no time to meet with a broker?

Published by Victor Lough on May 18, 2015

Have I got a solution for you!  Just released a couple of weeks ago I have a policy (issued through Manulife Financial) that is fast, effective and gives you all of the benefits of a standalone policy.... Continue reading

The problem with passive management and passive managers

Published by Victor Lough on Mar 25, 2015

First let me say that I'm biased. I have a practice wherein I offer active management options to clients and do earn a commission for that advice and some of these products.  I also both use and offer... Continue reading